Stories about that time
A Boy Meets a Dragon
  1. Eeo walking through the curtain Meetings and Wanderers 4/13/15
  2. Rish and Eeo fight Where is the flood? 4/28/15
  3. Eeo facing Rish Searching for scraps 5/10/15
  4. Jar of onions Gather your popcorn 6/11/15
  5. Two fingers plugging a nose In which Mr. Scrummy returns from the brink 9/24/15
  6. Gahedrial, the stone giant In which stones fashion stones into stones 12/12/15
  7. Milk, the apostrophe, walking out of a fire Seeing, sight, and the seen 3/13/16
  8. An equals sign pointing to a circle that's surrouding an animal symbol A Storm Unobstructed by Walls 10/6/16 New!
  9. Such a small voice. Such a vital burden.
  10. Time will drown everything
  11. Can we teach it to talk?
  12. Sometimes it's okay not to plan for tomorrow
  13. I
  14. Dissolve or... push this stone forever?
  15. Sing, you endless voice, sing
Mera in a meditation pose looking straight ahead
Save Your Heart 12/20/14
A Dream About Gems 10/5/14
Maple and Marcoreous talking in the living room
Lumberjack Graves Dug Deep in the Ocean Floor 8/1/14